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Chrissy and Col are successful entrepreneurs who came from modest backgrounds but decided one day 14 years ago, that average results were just not good enough. 

The Problem:  Chrissy was in retail management and Col came from a mechanical background. Chrissy liked her jobs but was sick and tired of long hours, long commutes and "Just Over Broke" (J.O.B.) pay.

Working for a self employed person just did not give Chrissy the security she wanted and realised that to be really secure, it was up to her and no-one else.

Col is always the entrepreneur. Starting as an aircraft engineer at 17, the 7 year itch saw him join a touring rock band at 24 for the next 3 years as the keyboard player. Then went on to the production side for the next 10 years setting up stages and doing live shows around Australia. Making roadcases, teaching piano, small engine mechanic, real estate reno's, stock market investor, plus many others.....


Col now knows for sure that the study of personal development, and taking action is the key to any success. It's not the thing, your intelligence or anything else that creates wealth, it is your mindset and your approach with positivity that makes all the difference. Not giving up is the best way to make that happen.

Aligning yourself in a proven business with world class credentials is a good step toward success.

Work with us and we'll power toward $uccess together. And we'll have some fun along the way.

Chrissy and Col on stage in Melbourne Australia, receiving our $50k awards. The most award winners to date in a single month.
Chrissy and Col working hard in Thailand. Our online business enables us to travel and our online business never skips a beat.
Chrissy and Col fun times in Noosa with some of the people that I work with. Our online business has created a new group of great friends.

Here we are on a Super Yacht in Thailand. These rewards You could enjoy when you join the 50k club. That's earning over $50k in one month.

On stage in Melbourne Australia, receiving our $50k awards. The business is growing at a good steady rate. The most award winners to date in a single month. Just Brilliant.

Working hard. This business enables us to travel and the business never skips a beat.

Fun times in Noosa with some of our business associates. What a positive group of very good friends.

Chrissy and Col joining the $50k club. That's earning over $50k in one month.
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